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As Real Estate experts, Executive Avenue’s mission is to use our over twenty (20) years of inside real estate knowledge to advise executives and professionals throughout every step in the home buying process.

Whether you are a Relocation Home Buyer, Vacation Home Buyer or a New Home Buyer, Executive Avenue acts as an advocate for the Buyer Only throughout the entire process of negotiating the BEST Purchase Price for your “Dream Home."

A Law firm wouldn’t represent different clients, who are adversaries, in the same real estate transaction because the Conflicts of Interest between the buyer (who pursues the lowest price possible) and the seller (who pursues the highest price possible) are so severely contradictory that it makes it impossible to represent both sides with unconditional loyalty and zealous advocacy.

The same rules should apply to Real Estate Brokerage.
Unfortunately, they do not!
A Real Estate Broker should never put you into the position of trying to represent you as a buyer, while at the same time try to sell you a property which their brokerage firm has listed or attempted to list.

Executive Avenue works exclusively on behalf of the Buyer Only with the utmost Good Faith, Loyalty and Fidelity to effectively promote the Best Interests of the Buyer.

We know the “Secrets” of Listing Agents/Brokers and how Listing Agents/Brokers deal with home buyers.
We know the Laws, we know the Buyer’s Rights, we know the Incentives and Benefits of buying a home, and we know the “Tricks” of the Listing Agents/Brokers.
We know the pitfalls of relying on the information provided by Listing Agents/Brokers.
We know the
Value of having an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, who is also an Accountant and an Attorney:

  • to represent and promote the Buyer’s Best Interests Only
  • to keep the Buyer’s Private Financial & Legal Information Confidential
  • to not disclose the Buyer’s Specific Needs & Particular Negotiating Strategies.

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As Real Estate experts on your side, we know what you should say and what not to say, what to ask for and what not to mention.

A dream home purchase in a business transaction.

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