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Guy Eric Nemer, J.D. Guy Eric Nemer, J.D.
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Guy Eric Nemer is uniquely qualified to represent you and/or your company as an Accountant, Attorney and Real Estate Broker for any and all of your Commercial and Residential Real Estate needs. His family real estate background, real estate education, and over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, along with his excellent customer skills and outstanding professional ability, enable him to provide the most comprehensive and extensive Commercial and Residential Real Estate professional services to his clients. Mr. Nemer's clients regard him as their "One-Stop Shop", In-House Real Estate department and also a tremendous, invaluable asset for corporate executives especially the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and General Counsel along with their Development & Facilities departments.

Guy Eric Nemer has represented both public and private companies including Fortune 500 companies, professional service companies (accountants, attorneys, doctors), private partnerships and sole proprietorships in identifying, locating, researching, analyzing, negotiating and executing purchases and/or leases for their Commercial office, retail and restaurant space requirements. He has been immensely successful in reducing his clients' legal and real estate occupancy costs, contributing to lowering their cost of operations and increasing the profitability and value of both their existing and future real estate portfolios. In many instances, he has worked very closely with their corporate Human Resource departments as a Residential Home Buyer's Agent to ensure a smooth and cohesive transition with the residential home relocation of their corporate executives and other key corporate employees. Mr. Nemer has also represented numerous other individuals, couples and families as their Home Buyer's Agent to locate, negotiate and purchase Single-Family Homes, Condominiums, Cooperatives and Vacation Homes.

Whether you are a Relocation Home Buyer, Vacation Home Buyer or a New Home Buyer, Guy Eric Nemer exclusively represents his Residential Home Buyer clients with unconditional loyalty and zealous advocacy by providing his expertise throughout every step in the home buying process, while dealing with the 1. Seller, 2. Listing Agent, 3. Mortgage Broker, 4. Lender, 5. Appraiser, 6. Home Inspector, 7. Surveyor, 8. Builder, 9. Title Agent, 10. Attorney/Settlement Agent, to effectively promote his client's best interests and negotiate the best purchase price while keeping their private financial & legal information together with their specific needs and particular negotiating strategies strictly confidential.

Guy Eric Nemer's real estate education began while in high school with the family real estate business and continued while earning his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, with honors, from Michigan State University, and a Juris Doctor Degree from the Pepperdine University School of Law. He has also earned, as one of his clients names it, a "Family Dinner Table" degree. Mr. Nemer's grandfather was a home builder, office developer and shopping center developer. His father was an architect and his uncle is one of the major Class A full-service office developers in the Metropolitan Detroit area. Mr. Nemer's family is responsible for the successful development, leasing and management of more than 5 million square feet of office space in Southeast Michigan. While growing up, he had the privilege to observe numerous projects evolve from the architect's drafting table to the completion of construction, along with the experience of development, construction, leasing and full-time, on-site management of the properties. Mr. Nemer also likes to proudly inform everyone, that he had the best real estate tutor while he was a construction worker during the summers between both his high school and college years. His Grandfather used to give him "lunch-time" lectures on commercial & residential development and construction while eating sandwiches that his Grandfather made for both of them because he was too dirty & sweaty from the construction work to eat at any of the local restaurants.

After graduating from Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California, Guy Eric Nemer began his professional career in the Tax department at the prestigious, then Big 8, accounting firm of Arthur Andersen & Co. in Los Angeles, California. At the time, this office was widely recognized by the accounting industry to be the #1 Real Estate Tax & Consulting office in the world. Mr. Nemer performed extensive tax research and tax planning on various tax issues with emphasis on Real Estate Tax, formulated financial forecast and projection spreadsheets, and also prepared tax returns with emphasis on Real Estate Partnerships and Individuals for clients including The J. Paul Getty Trust (Getty Family), The Walt Disney Company (Roy E. Disney), Irvine Company (Donald Bren), Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Dr. Armand Hammer), David H. Murdock (Castle & Cooke; Dole Food Company; Island of Lana'i, Hawaii), Marvin H. Davis (20th Century Fox; Pebble Beach Corporation; Aspen Skiing Company; Beverly Hills Hotel), and CoastFed Properties (Coast Savings & Loan Association; Casden Co.; Alan I. Casden). Mr. Nemer was also very instrumental in developing the firm's Partnership Tax Allocation software program, other real estate related tax software programs and also organized and selected sources for the firm's Tax Research library.

After gaining remarkable and valuable real estate experience at Arthur Andersen & Co. in Los Angeles, CA, Mr. Nemer's family lured him back to Detroit, MI by "making him an offer that he couldn't refuse". Guy Eric Nemer obtained his Michigan real estate broker license and began contributing to the development, leasing and management of over 2.25 million square feet of commercial office and retail space in three complexes of full-service officentres located in Southfield and Troy, Michigan. These developments attracted many international and national tenants including IBM, Xerox, GMAC, Accenture, American Express, BlueCross BlueShield, Proctor & Gamble, U.S. Steel, Goodyear, and The Forbes Company.

It was during this time period, while negotiating leases for the properties with other real estate agents/brokers, that Guy Eric Nemer became aware of and witnessed the existence of numerous intrinsic conflicts of interests between these real estate agents/brokers and their tenant clients. These international, national, local, public and private companies, including their attorneys and corporate executives, were completely unaware of the existing conflicts of interests and/or the competing interests within the real estate brokerage firms representing them. They also had no idea or clue as to how much their real estate agents/brokers took advantage of and profited from these conflicts to their detriment. Mr. Nemer also became aware of and witnessed the existence of similar conflicts of interests between Residential Home Buyers and their real estate agents/brokers when he later formed a partnership with his father, an award winning architect, and one of his best friends, to develop high-end custom luxury single family homes, town homes and condominiums in Michigan and Colorado.

Soon after his experience with the family real estate business and realizing the tremendous need and opportunity for a real estate agent exclusively representing only residential buyers and commercial tenants, Mr. Nemer decided to establish his own Real Estate firms, Matrix-Real Estate Services &

Guy Eric Nemer provides "Pure & True" Buyer and Tenant Representation services, with absolutely no existing or possible future conflicts of interest, that most real estate brokerage firms are not capable of providing to Home Buyers and Commercial Tenants. These services include residential buyer representation, commercial tenant representation, residential purchase analysis and consultation, commercial lease analysis and consultation, commercial brokerage, investment consultation, tax planning, space analysis and planning, and construction management.

Guy Eric Nemer strongly believes that ALL Residential Home Buyers and Commercial Tenants should ask themselves:

1) Who is the Real Estate Agent/Broker truly representing?

2) What Real Estate Background, Credentials, Education and Experience does the Real Estate Agent/Broker possess?...Does the Real Estate Agent/Broker have a résumé?

3) What Services does the Real Estate Agent/Broker actually provide to them?

4) Does the Real Estate Agent/Broker, and/or the Real Estate Brokerage Firm that they are associated with, currently have any Conflicts of Interest?...Will there be notice if any possible future Conflicts of Interest arise after representation has been established?

Guy Eric Nemer also believes that "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" so please feel free and do not hesitate to contact him directly at

State Bar of Michigan Member #P40218
CA Real Estate Broker License #01246793
CO Real Estate Broker License #EA40043767
NV Real Estate Broker License #B.0042264.INDV
MI Real Estate Broker License #6504251012

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