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Rely on our professional real estate firm when you need a reliable buyer's real estate agent to help negotiate the purchase of your luxury home or vacation property in Colorado, California, or Nevada.


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Whether you are a relocation home buyer, vacation property buyer, luxury home buyer or a new home buyer,, Executive Avenue acts as an advocate for the Buyer Only throughout the entire process of negotiating the BEST Purchase Price for your “Dream Home”.

Value of having an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, who is also an Accountant and an Attorney:

  • to represent and promote the Buyer’s Best Interests Only
  • to keep the Buyer’s Private Financial & Legal Information Confidential
  • to not disclose the Buyer’s Needs & Negotiating Strategies.

Executive Avenue exclusively represents the Buyer Only throughout the entire home purchase process when dealing with the:

  • Seller
  • Listing Agent
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Lender
  • Appraiser
  • Home Inspector
  • Surveyor
  • Builder
  • Title Agent
  • Attorney/Settlement Agent
An Exclusive Buyers Real Estate Agent, who is also an Accountant and an Attorney, representing your interests only, throughout the entire mortgage process.

Executive Avenue's real estate agent, along with the Buyer, will be present and engaged throughout the Inspection process. Executive Avenue will use these Inspection Reports as bargaining tools and leverage in negotiating the Best Purchase Price for your “Dream Home.”

Looking to invest in a Luxury Home in California, Colorado and Nevada? Call us to see how we can assist you!